Thursday, June 3, 2010

Lengau Lodge

Location: South Africa

Built as a family compound of nine separate buildings, this home that sits on a national wildlife refuge in South Africa is highly sustainable.  The compound collects it water from the rain and treats all of it's waste on site through two outdoor adjacent wetlands.

Grey & black water from the house enters the septic tank, than gravity fed through an anaerobic rock filter and into Wetland 1 that has pond lilies and reeds. The UV light in wetland 1 kills most of the bacteria in the water before it travels through the biological filter. Next the water is split back into both wetlands 1 &2. Wetlands 2 is planted with native plants and grasses. Water eventually leaves wetland 2 to be used for irrigation purpose on the compound, as well as to a animal watering hole that is frequented by local wildlife.

There is a great drawing of the whole process if you check out Dry Designs website and look through the Lengau Lodge sustainable features. I couldn't copy it :(

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