Thursday, June 3, 2010

Center For Sustainable Landscapes

Designed and built by the people of Pittsburgh and Pennsylvania as an innovation for the world
 Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
This building focuses on achieving the Living Building Challenge standards of Net zero energy and water production/consumption.
rain water is stored in two 1,700 gallon underground cisterns

Rainwater will be used for toilet flushing, as well as interior irrigation and maintenance as required

Ultra low flow plumbing fixtures include waterless urinals and dual flush toilets     

•Water flows through a 7-step process where plants and their symbiotic root microbes absorb organic and mineral nutrients

I love that the entire community came together to design this building. Multiple architecture and engineering firms worked together to make the Living Building Challenge a reality in this community.

This property has it all from wetlands, to bio swales, and rain gardens

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